Laser pigment removal

The Q Switched Nd YAG Laser is a high grade medical laser which can remove freckles, birthmarks, body tattoos, and eyebrow tattoos. It can remove black, grey, red, orange, brown and purple. The ink is shattered as the laser light is absorbed producing heat which breaks up the particles of colour.

The tattoo will be measured to determine the price of removal. The smallest tattoo is $75.


Pigmentation spot removal

$250 for the brown spots on the back of the hands
$50 for a large spot or a cluster of small spots.

Prices are for 1 treatment.
Sometimes only 2 treatments are required, it depends on the depth of colour and the age of the pigment.


Eye enhancement

Eyelash tint = $15
Eyebrow tint = $15
Eyebrow tidy = $15
Land and brow tint and tidy up = $35

Mirage Beauty made me realise I didn’t have to put up with how my eyebrows looked. I could throw my pencils away and not have to worry – Carol Beck



Micro Pigmentation

Upper eyeliner from $260

Eyebrows from $260

Prices are for one treatment only


Makeup and gel nails

Day makeup (30 mins) = $60

Evening makeup = $90

Manicure with gel nails = from $40

Pedicure with gel nails = from $50

Full set of acrylic/gel = from $80

Electrolysis hair removal

(progressively permanent)

It is safe an efficient removing the hairs from the upper lip quickly and efficiently.

10 mins = $30

15 mins = $40

20 mins = $50

30 mins = $60

Mirage Beauty had made me feel confident again – as I thought everyone was looking at my hairy chin. After 8 sessions of electrolysis (every two weeks), my hairs have gone – Robyn Wallace


Eyelash Extension

Full set = from $80

After 2 weeks Infill = from $50


Henna Art

Design pattern = from $10



Lip or chin = $15

Underarm = $20

Full Arm = $45

Bikini = $30

Extended bikini = $40

Brazillian = $50

1/2 leg = $25

Full leg = $45

Chest or back = From $40



Sabore facials meet the current demand for natural and advanced ingredients which provide instant results, while producing skincare that is paraben, talc, carmine and artificial fragrance free.


Mini 30min facial = $35

60 mins hydrating facial = $70

Deep clean facial = $110

Anti-wrinkle facial = $120

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